Actually, Lillian… named for my grandmother.

Growing up, I hated (oh! the childhood drama) the name “Lillian”. It was old and old-fashioned.  It was a very proper name and I was too young to wear the moniker.

My fraternal grandmother was a petite, feisty woman.  She wore Chanel No. 5 and mixed her own face powder.  She wore spiked heels at 90 and bought a bright pink floral dress that was skin-tight! She could work a room like no other!

Her lipstick was red, her eyes baby blue and her hair was platinum, when the blonde wouldn’t cover the gray anymore.  She was a “hoot”.  Over opinionated, always looking for her dream guy and LOVED to burn twigs in a campfire when the family camped!

She was a complete, complex woman… with a variety of loves, a workaholic by nature, and a woman who loved her family like no man’s business!  It really didn’t matter if they got mad at her… if they needed to know something (in her opinion), she’d tell them – because she loved them.

I guess I’m just like her.  My gray has taken over, I love hot pink and hot purple… red lipstick and big gaudy jewelry.  My children politely listen (before they cringe) when I try to continue teaching them something.

I started this blog, just for that reason.  So I could express some thoughts without seeing their eyes roll above their youthful grins. That was several years ago. Now I write to share some thoughts for those that are interested.  It’s a great way stay busy during retirement, too.  An audience, if you will.

Lately my new favorite brooch is a purple pin, written in script:  “Lillian”!  I wear it often – reminding me to channel my grandmothers’ feistiness, her brave energy and that beautiful smile.


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  1. Lillian,

    I’d love to talk to you about republishing your blog on VibrantNation.com. If you’re interested, please email me: beth(at)vibrantnation.com.


  2. Basically, You can republish what you write here on VibrantNation.com in a space I create for you. Your posts are then exposed to the audience of 50+ women in our community. Further, we promote many of our blog posts via our facebook group, twitter, and our weekly newsletters.

    If you’d like me to send you the contract we use with our bloggers, please respond to me at beth(at)vibrantnation.com.


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