Happy Sunday Afternoon!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday’s are hard for me.  The traditional side of me feels ever-so-guilty for not getting up early, donning a pair of hose and heels with any dress, “dolling up”, and making my way to church.

This empty-nester-mom, school employee and member of several organizations… is HAPPY it’s Sunday, so we can stay home in our pajamas!

Now, don’t think that I’m not excited to be with friends at church and enjoy the designated time of worship and praise… I just want to spend some good quiet time at home, where I can worship and praise… and sleep!

Who says I have to do that at Church?  Mom and Dad did… and I taught my children to go. I encourage my grandchildren to go… and my friends know that I feel it’s VERY important to be there… on time!

My week is filled with work (a lot of overtime), a retired husband, grandchildren, children, and lots of friends. I spend hours at meetings … working on projects that help those in need and raising funds for college scholarships.  Seldom do I spend time making jewelry, scrapbooks, or painting anymore.  Long baths with candles are few and far between, pedicures are only twice a year! Goodness… time seems to be scarce.

Spending time, at home with my love, enjoying God’s gifts of nature and the quiet is how I refresh and renew for the coming week.  It is my worship.

So, Mom and Dad…  I’ll keep feeling guilty on Sunday mornings. I think I’ll continue my private worship and be thankful that I have the freedom to do just that.

What do you think?

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