Today I asked my friend how she was doing.  She said, “I’m Blessed”.  I’m accustomed to hearing the usual… “fine, thanks”… “great, how are you”, and plain ‘ole “ok”. I can almost tell you who will respond in which manner because they are my friends and co-workers and we begin everyday in this manner.  With coffee in hand, we make our way to our offices and chit chat about the evening before or share the latest gossip… always beginning with “morning… how are you”.  And, responding… “great, how are you”.  The sentences never just end with talk about oneself, but express genuine  interest in the other person.  

Lately, more and more people have decided they need to tell me that they are “blessed”.   And not “I’m blessed, how are you?”… or “blessed… are you ok today”?   Just “blessed”.  Rather self centered, don’t you think? 

Do they do that to make me know that they have more money, a bigger house, or fancier car than me? Or do they say that to demonstrate that  they are closer to God than me… or, maybe, it’s  to make me feel like I’m behind in the newest lingo?

I always thought being blessed was when God looked down with favor. I guess I didn’t learn to tell everyone about it.  I was taught that it was rude to brag about our possessions or good fortune.  Maybe, if they answered that they were Blessed, but then expressed a little bit of interest in me…  I’d be blessed by their attention!

What do you think?

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