I hear the  whippoorwill  “whipping” outside the door. It’s dark now and the earth is quieting.  The day was full of hustle and bustle, with students coming and going… sharing their lives with me.  Some come to school with an attitude that is frightening, but most come expecting something grand to happen to them.  They know they have but a short while to be here and the future will be what they determine.

I love working with teens. They are inspiring, creative and full of love.  They reach out with all that is in them to grab a piece of the future that will be their lives.  I’m fortunate to work with a few students at a time.  Mine are the students who have done well, planned for their college life and are pretty much ready to be gone from us.  They are smart, willing to do what is needed and quick. Good grief, it’s hard to keep up!

It seems that I hear so much about those children who need accommodations so they will not fail. There are those with learning disabilities that need that service and a chance to succeed.  BUT, I worry that students who have what it takes to make it, are hindered by their parents lack of guts.

I can’t tell you how many parents are afraid to let their children suffer consequences for their actions.  What I can tell you, is that the students who are prepared for college… or their future endeavor… have paid consequences for their actions.  At some point, they have all failed a test because they were too distracted to study… or they served a detention because they were unprepared for class. Mom didn’t get them out of it, because it was expected that they would do the right thing.

I love working with the students. They inspire me to be better for them.

I am confident that the future will be in the hands of these students who are willing to work for the good grade, and the privileges of success.  Their teachers give their hearts to help them discover their potential.  In the office, we see the fruits of their labors as the student assistants take on responsibility and enjoy recognition for their work.

As the end of the day arrives, I love to sit and listen to the whippoorwill waiting patiently for the morning. Then its time for the bell to ring, the bustle to begin and the office to awake to the sounds of students voices – another opportunity to serve. 

3 thoughts on “Evening

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