Young Smart Women

I am always amazed at how smart young women can be. They are full of life, traveling the world, absorbing energy and information from every corner.

Todays young woman has so much to offer and so much available to them.  Their unabashed and unashamed love of living is attractive to those of us who didn’t take advantage of that time of life.  The time when you are grown, free to love and learn more and more.

Todays young woman is smart… she knows how to make money, how to save and invest, how to spend wisely and how to demand the best. My favorite young women are confident in their own lives, with their own abilities, and with learning new things from new people.

I write this because I have some new friends that I’ve known for several years. They are graduating this month and will venture out to the world in different directions… excited to see what awaits them.  They laugh a lot, cry some (they are teen girls, you know), and they love to be comfortable in their workout clothes and no make up.   They are all about being women… productive women.  And they are smart!

Congratulations to my Smart Female friends.  Life has much in store for you.  And I can’t wait to see how you handle it with grace, love and LOTS of laughs.

I love you, girls. Have a great life!

What do you think?

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