Baby Sister

OMG! My baby sister is turning 50 tomorrow. What IS this world coming to? I guess I’ll have to take her seriously now. I wonder if she’ll ever take herself seriously? Hmmm,  that’s a thought.

Should I be concerned that she’s 50 now? Or happy she made it up here at last?  Naw… she’s too busy having a good time with her children.  She has two who are grown men (sorta) and a beautifully talented daughter that keeps her very busy.

Someone once told me that all adults over 50 are the same age. It took me a while to understand, but I agree.

Sometimes I forget she’s grown. Seems like she should still be riding the purple bike and playing with dolls.  Seems like she should be sitting under the dining table … hiding from the green peas on her plate, or trying out my makeup in the bathroom before school.  I should be tying her shoe or buttoning her plaid dress.

Other times… she’s the middle child. The loving, sweet, peaceful one in the bunch. She can make everyone quiet down and pay attention… and no one talks back, cause she’s the “nice” one.

Today, she’s 49. She works with small children and I am sure they help keep her younger than her years.  But, you just wait until tomorrow.

She will finally become as old as me! Happy Birthday, little sister!

What do you think?

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