I have been blessed by daughters.

Daughters are special people. They bring out the best in me and make me want to be better. I love being girlfriends with them  and at times, I’m just thankful to be their mom.

The eldest daughter is actually a step daughter – a gift from my new husband. She was already grown, working and planning a wedding. Our relationship is very polite and a holiday-ish kind of friendship.  She has a wonderful husband and son who dote on her. She’s smart and loving and enjoys life in the southern most part of our state.

Stephanie is married to Freddy. Today, after 20+ years of marriage they are like newly weds, but a lot more comfortable. I admire Stephanie for sticking to her guns, staying with one employer all these years and having the grace to raise a beautiful son who is fearless, smart and talented.

Next there is Jenn, my first born.  She’s mom to four daughters. Her level of energy astonishes me.  After scouts, church, work and a woman’s group, she still cooks, cleans and even has time to visit the hospitalized friend from time to time.

A tragic accident took 18 year old Alyssa from all of us. During that time, Jennifer managed to walk gently down the imaginary line between Alyssa’s biological mother and Kevin, her husband of ten years. It was a role no woman wants to fill. She and Alyssa were more peers than parent-child because of their ages – and the fact that Alyssa’s mom was very present in her life made their relationship difficult.  It’s always hard to be the step mom.

Jennifer cooked and cleaned, ran errands, comforted children, greeted guests, thanked the neighbors, made phone calls and kept right on moving until, at last… when everyone was ok, she slept – a long time.  She’s like that. She cares for those around her and puts herself last. She’s a lot like my mom and I am honored by that.

The baby daughter (again, a step-daughter) is affectionately known as our perfect child. Her willingness to explore and try new things  is exciting to us. She’s traveled everywhere, is not easily ruffled, committed to college and the Air Force and loves her husband ever-so- completely!

Sarah and Terrence are goal oriented. They have careers in the Air Force and a new home that keeps them creative and busy. She can laugh out loud, find humor in almost anything and is strong and smart. I love to hear her sing, but she’s put that on the back burner for now. Sarah spent way too much time of her childhood chasing someone else’s dream and missing out on some plain old fashioned play time.  She didn’t live with us full-time, so when I realized what was going on, I jumped into mommy mode and insisted on making things more consistent for her. It took a little while, but it was well–worth the effort- I hope she agrees.  Now, I love seeing the woman she’s grown to be and we have lots of fun when we’re together.

The newest addition is the daughter-in-law.  Tara is like a little Skipper doll. Petite, fun to be around, fashion wise and way smart.  She’s still studying for the future, so I ‘m excited to see what life affords her. Best of all, she loves my son – and she does it well. She can fly from an airplane and enjoy the trip down… she can remove an appendix, loves traveling to exotic locations  and wore purple stilettos when she married my son.

She and Jeff are headed for the moon! I know they have lofty goals, but they  love to have their heads in the clouds… and it’s very becoming.  I’m glad she’s there to walk with Jeff and he’s better for having her in his life.

My daughters are great humans.  Not wasteful of time, money or talents, they are willing to help those that need it.  They are resourceful and daring. They are faithful and dedicated to their families and loving every minute of it.

These are women of the future and I’m grateful for every minute of their past.

We have a wonderful family of women, with just enough men thrown in there for love, comfort, safety,  and interest.

I thank God everyday that He allowed me the privilege of being called “mom” by these women.  I did nothing to deserve the honor… they are a blessing for which I am truly grateful.

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