I have been blessed by daughters.

Daughters are special people. They bring out the best in me and make me want to be better. I love being girlfriends with them  and at times, I’m just thankful to be their mom.

The eldest daughter is actually a step daughter – a gift from my new husband. She was already grown, working and planning a wedding. Our relationship is very polite and a holiday-ish kind of friendship.  She has a wonderful husband and son who dote on her. She’s smart and loving and enjoys life in the southern most part of our state.

Next there is Jenn, my first born.  She’s mom to four daughters. She’s had a hard time finding her place in the world, but she’s really settled now and enjoying the life of a mother of pre-teens. Her level of energy astonishes me.  After twirl practice, scouts, church, work and a woman’s group, she still cooks, cleans and even has time to visit the hospitalized friend from time to time.

The baby daughter (again, a step-daughter) is affectionately known as our perfect child. Her willingness to keep on moving is exciting to us. She’s traveled everywhere, is not easily ruffled, committed to college and the Air Force and loves her husband ever-so- completely!

The newest addition is the daughter-in-law.  She’s like a little Skipper doll. Cute, fun to be around, fashion wise and smart.  She’s still studying for the future, so I ‘m excited to see what life affords her. Best of all, she loves my son – and she does it well.

My daughters are great humans.  Not wasteful of time, money or talents, they are willing to help those that need it.  They are faithful and dedicated to their families and loving every minute of it. They all love to have a good time.

Each day brings a new adventure for my grandchildren.  That’s because their mom’s and aunties put them first.

We have a wonderful family of women, with just enough men thrown in there for comfort, safety, motivation and interest.

What do you think?

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