Oatmeal-less Cookies!

    It’s a cool thing to have a ‘sweet sixteen’ party for your firstborn. All night… boys and girls played music, danced, talked.. and talked! And, then… the non–cook mom, decides to be very motherly and bake cookies.  Of course, this one action changes the entire event from a beautifully planned party to a hilarious memory for life!

Jenn was turning 16 – in January! Freezing out, ice everywhere and we were living in a small mobile home at the lake!

Not much room for girls to spread out with all their gear, but we’re determined to make it the best birthday ever! The invites are cute and hand delivered, the house is cleaned from top to bottom.  About twelve young teens filled our small living area with sweet sounds of laughter and gossip. The boys are on one couch, the girls on the other. All are eating chips, and salsa from the coffee table and the music is blaring! The girls dance, the boys watch them.. I fondly remember those days!

 I decided to make oatmeal cookies for munching later into the night, since they all brought their sleeping bags and planned to camp out on the living room floor.

I gathered the usual suspects for cooking… a cookie sheet, mixing bowl, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, raisins, recipe..and began to mix away.  Excitement grew as everyone watched as the master created great food! Carefully, I mixed and placed small amounts on the cookie sheet for baking. A few of the girls came to “help”, so they got the spoon.

Nearing the prescribed baking time, I noticed a little smoke rising from within the oven. Deciding there might be something in the bottom of the oven, I waited.  Finally, the SSSCCCRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAACCCCCCCHHHHH of the smoke detector shocks this cook into reality! With the assistance of ALL the excited teenagers we gingerly open the oven door and smoke billows out!

When one is baking oatmeal cookies, it’s a great idea to put oatmeal IN the cookie batter!  Much laughter followed and a re-do is in order. I apologized for embarrassing my beautiful sixteen year old.   Laughing all the way, NEW eggs, NEW sugar – you get the idea… and we are ready to go again. This time there were more folks willing to assist!

Into a freshly cleaned oven, the cookie sheet is placed. So proud, I was… that I could teach these children a valuable lesson about beginning again, cleaning up one’s mess, and the rewards of trying hard to succeed. I actually rationalized it in my own mind that I did this as a learning exercise!

A few minutes passed and all is well. A few more and there is a touch of smoke. KNOWING it’s leftover melted cookie dough, I let it continue to cook.  HEARING the familiar SSSSSSRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAAAAACCCCCCCHHHHH of the smoke detector almost made me wet myself! My daughter nearly melted into the wall. Don’t all mom’s know how to bake?

This mom went back to NON-COOKING birthday parties. The story surfaces at every family holiday meal, when I’m asked… “Mom, did Poppie cook….. or you?”  Then we all laugh again and remember the memorable evening when Jenn turned 16!

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