A Return

Regardless of your definition of success, one thing is true: It’s up to you!

I happen to believe in goal setting and goal achieving.  I also happen to believe in baby steps that grow with maturity.

It’s time to build a team.  I’m not so interested in personal shoppers (although, if that’s all you want, I can provide you with that opportunity) but my interest is in real entreprenuers who choose to work with the iconic Avon brand.

Now, Avon has gone through a ton of changes… each for a specific reason and to address a specific issue… all with the purpose of increasing Representative earnings (and therefore, their own).  So, although some of the changes are not perfect or even likeable… I have seen their value and figure I can work around it.  Can you?

Name one company that has done more for women?  One company that has rewarded more women for their efforts?  Name one company who has kept the same business model for over 100 years in Direct Marketing?  Just one!

So, if Avon is not for you… great! Don’t sign up, because I care about the ones who want to be successful and either earn or save money for themselves and their family.

Key to Success

For more information about the upcoming East Texas July 1 Registration Day… call ME! Let’s see if you can use Avon for yourself and your family.  Contact me before you sign up… you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’m returning to the “one that brung me”… so grandma would say.  My team, customers who depended on me for consistency, knowledge and recommendations, and the business partners who influenced my path.  It’s time to reactivate the team Sunshines! Ready?   Join my FB group and let’s just see if you fit!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/michellessunshines/

What do you think?

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