BOOM! Trixie Adventures


Trixie grass
trixie scared

Trixie is still here! She’s still our baby.  When the fireworks started she came a runnin’!

Her secure spot is anywhere she can get to rub against us. Either under our feet, on the sofa next to us (#$#$%^&), or with her head safely tucked on our laps.  She moves from one person to the next until she feels safe.

This morning she was raring for a walk (since she wouldn’t go out last night). It was just before daylight and the wind was whispering: “I dare you to come out… I’ll hold the rain back until you get at least 1/2 mile from the house”.  The birds were just barely singing and the world was still quiet. No cars… just Trixie and I walking up the hill to our target turn around, and the wind.  She’s a great walker. Slowly and surely she walks ahead, checking out all the new roadside adventures.  Today, a turtle waited for us- yesterday it was a Texas speed bump.  They sniffed at each other and the walk continued.  She took a sniff at the fresh grass and the overflowing pond across the way.  I enjoy the peace that comes in the morning walk – the stretch my legs needed so badly after a nights rest.   And the rain came… 1/2 mile before we reached home again.

THEN… BOOM!  Thunder struck and here comes Trixie… to the safe place, under my finger tips… all the way home in the rain.

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