Take it Slow!

The process is unfamiliar.  The benefits are obvious.  I have to admit, it takes practice.

Taking time to sit and enjoy the morning sunshine (or clouds, for that matter) can be enlightening.  Take today, for example.  I like to sit barefoot.  The cool stones feel fresh and my favorite pair of Clarks get to rest a bit.  The usual grass was laying about and I realized, I had a choice.  Let it lie or sweep it up.  No one really cares.feet

Taking a little slower pace is probably good for everyone – except while playing Super Mario with the grands!  Walking with Trixie requires a little enthusiasm to avoid being dragged up the oil top road, but she LOVES a slow brushing session when we return.

We watch the neighbors walk by (they must sleep later, as we are already sitting at the patio table when they appear).  The young couple across the road are moving quickly to load the vehicles and get down to the oil top to start their daily work ritual. Two more trucks head to work and we are alone again. The neighborhood is quiet.

Today I plan to work further on the process of slowing down. The plan is to enjoy each day as God intended.  I think HE intended us to be happy… or why would we have apples, oranges and beautiful red flowers?

Spending some time in the flowerbed,(unearthing the worms and relocating some of them to the other side so they can slowly work the ground) reading, reflecting and sharing, making music and cooking food are all great options for today.  I’ll need some lemon water.

Maybe today I’ll use a pen and paper to write… slowly, so the penmanship is pretty, again.  I bet I can do that barefoot at the patio table… don’t you?

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