Texas, my home

Sometimes I find inspiration on Facebook that is real:

“And for a moment, no one cared about statues, politics, race or religion. Everyone came together to help their neighbors, friends and strangers survive. Maybe God chose Texas to lead the way. To show the rest of America how to unify and work together towards a common goal. I have never been more proud to call myself Texan. Copy and Paste.. #Lovethyneighbor #godblesstexas #texasstrong #texasforever #ProudtobeATexan  #wearetexas”
The sun came out today. I’m about 4-5 hrs. north of the disaster. In the thick of the volunteers. We seem to have been spared the rains, but not the worry and concern for those Texans and our guests trapped  in the devastated areas south of here.

They are part of our family as sure as the sun came out!

In my 60+ years in this great state, I’ve seen many demonstrations of big-hearted giving.

Young men from our rural town have gathered their boats, gassed up their trucks and settled their young families.

Young women have filled their cars and SUV’s to head south to help.

The adults are mentoring the volunteers of tomorrow by encouraging them to gather water, clothing, toiletries, and other suitable donations.

The Christians are praying, the government is planning, the people are doing what needs to be done.

In our town, everyone has an opportunity to serve. In our town, children are led by example. In our town, the good citizens lock arms and hearts together and reach out when needed down the road.

Lately, it seems our differences had driven a wedge in our family. The unforgiving and the negative assumptions have closed the minds and hearts of many.

Maybe this rain will soak that wedge to pliable understanding and openness to thoughtful contemplation and unity.

Maybe God will be heard and felt and enjoined with us as we stretch to reach those in need.

Texas has a giant heart.

Move over, Harvey!

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