Mesmerizing Dreams

Chocolate, wine, fresh strawberries, long hot baths, walks by a quiet stream, and camp fires: mesmerizing.

Don’t you just get lost when you stare at a fire? It’s like you can see the future or hear a voice from the past, even see what the accomplished dream can look like!

What would your fire say to you?  Do you hear negative bits or do you hear “I think I can…” or do you silently plan for a successful project, meeting or birthday party?


the flames of the campfire can bring to light, the future!
Gathering around the campfire can be the start of something new!

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Mesmerizing moments are important to have as they allow you to dream a dream of future fulfillment.  Can you see yourself in the fire, dressed up in that special dress or successfully performing a cool yoga move?  Visualizing is a good way to grow.  Grow your dreams, find a path to your dreams, discover the next step to your dreams.

Are you working on feeling fit and therefore, looking your best? Visualize the “you” you’re working to reveal. Eating right, exercising, spending positive moments with yourself is a step in the right direction.

I visualize myself playing with my youngest grandson. He’s almost old enough to pull in a tiny bream, like his mother did when she was about four. She got so excited she nearly fell in the stream and her alert auntie grabbed her by the pants waist just in time to help her fly back to the bank… fish still on the hook!

I have three years to make that dream come true.  I can see the little guy snapping the minnow on the hook, just the way my daddy showed me. I can see him wiping his hands on his shorts and standing impatiently on his short little legs while the minnow swims about fiercely trying to find somewhere to go. Poor minnow.

Hopefully, my grand boy won’t give up, but find a comfy spot to sit (not in the ants, mom, I promise) and watch the water. And listen to the birds. And take notice of the clouds and their shapes. And get excited when the bream grabs the hook and startles him to jump and yank the hook while it “sets” in the fish’s mouth for the ride in to the bank.  It may seem primitive, but children need to learn where the food comes from.  Fishing is a good start.  Cleaning can be a bit much, depending on the child.   We froze his mother’s first fish… in a plastic bag of water, and kept it in our freezer until she came home with a husband!

Once caught, the fish is no longer the pet in the bowl, but the animal that provides nutrition.  Who knows if he will even like to eat fish. I bet he will love to catch fish… most children do. And it’s a new skill to learn and enjoy. I’m hoping I’ll be the one to teach him. Just to hedge my dreams, I sent him a plastic play pole with a magnetic fish for the pool. He can practice.  As my visual continues,  I can see his smile in the fire. It’s a look of accomplishment!

Back to the fire.  I like to visualize new projects in order to find the next step. Or think about what the room might look like if I moved the furniture.  Watching the flames dance about and enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire gives magic to the dreams.  When we were younger, we added detergent boxes to the fire for color.   Dreams need color.

I love to sit in front of a fire with marshmallows, chocolate, a bit of wine and maybe even some strawberries on the side. I think I may have inherited that simple joy from my grandmother.  On the last family camping trip we all made together, Granny spent much of her day gathering small sticks and twigs to keep the fire tended.  She could sit for hours around the fire, stirring it, moving the kindling in and about.  I watched her and we noticed. It was her favorite place at the campground … when she wasn’t fishing!

Sitting outside under the stars, watching the dancing flames is a perfect scenario for dreaming alone or with a loved one and a good way to continue living better!

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