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Rose Gold Luminess Legend
Luminess Airess Legend Airbrush System in Rose Gold, two foundations, blush and LOVE in Customer Kit.

This is where it starts… the Legend System and your matching foundation.  There are several compressor choices, and you may choose your favorite from the website. I happen to have chosen the Rose Gold, as I’m terribly obsessed with Rose Gold over the last year or so.  I’ve bought rose gold jewelry,  a rose gold cell phone and case, even my eye glasses have rose gold on the tips!  So, the Rose Gold was a natural pick for me.

Just look at it!  It’s compact, beautiful and looks like it lives up to it’s name “LEGEND”… right?   The Customer kit arrives at your door within about 2 weeks or less and contains two foundations, based on your complexion… Fair, Medium, Warm, Tan and Deep. They currently include LOVE, which is a beautiful illuminizer and blush.  Everything you need.  The 4 in 1 Silk formula contains primer, foundation, moisturizer and concealer.  When my young clients use it, it is the perfect formula for great coverage and a beautifully, natural long lasting application.

Being in my 60’s, my skin tends to be a bit dry, so extra moisturizers make me feel better about the look. I also use another primer made for my skin type. Then, the 4 in 1 looks great!  Now, the Mystic formula foundation was created for dry skin. So, sometimes I use it. The shades are so similar I can move from one formula to the other seamlessly. Ha! I love experimenting with the foundation so much, I’ve even added a couple drops of Ultra formula since it is a heavier coverage.  (I have freckles!).

The thing about using the airbrush system with Luminess Airess,..there is a 30 day color match guarantee.  That means, if the shades you initially chose aren’t perfect, a customer can call the Airess office and ask for another shade. They’ll send it right out.

When a customer purchases from an Airess, they can depend on a personal consultant to assist with color and formula choices. The consultant can also recommend skin care options, like the Bamboo Polish Facial Exfoliant or the Rose Gold Vitality Peel Off Mask (of course). It’s fresh fragrance and exfoliating cleansing is beneficial for all  skin types.  There are so many beautiful choices of eye shadows, lipsticks and beauty essentials, the website is a great place to spend some quality time dreaming.

The Luminess Legend is so easy to use.  The stylus has this perfect tip that assures the makeup is applied where you intend.  With sweeping circles, about 4″ from the face, the foundation self levels and perfectly covers the skin.  Flawless, is not an exaggeration. With a little practice, flawless foundation coverage will be the norm. No more worries about makeup lines, heavy blobs or missed areas.  An accompanying DVD and YouTube video’s are available to help the newest users become experts in a short period.  It took me less than a week, using it daily, to feel normal and able to be out the door in less than 10 minutes.

Imagine! Only 16 total drops of makeup on my face, Forever Reign lip stain in TAME, beautiful neutral eye shadows from the Nude and Naughty Pallet and I’m out the door in ten!  How much time do you spend preparing your great look for the day?

I challenge you to take the seven day challenge!  I did!

Try it today. There are payment options available. A thirty day trial, and color match guarantee.  Use the product for seven days in a row and experience the beautiful flawless look of Luminess.  See if the airbrush makeup is for you! Contact me for more information or drop in at our Facebook page Airess Adventures. I’d love to help!


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