They are a mess!  A lovely, jumbled up mess!

And they are mine.

I’m the eldest of six children, to two parents who managed to stay together for more than 40 years before Daddy died.  How fortunate I am to have lived in a family that stayed together.  There was never enough room, money or time… but we were together.

My siblings are everywhere. Most are within a hundred miles or so, but one lives  many hundred miles away.  We have a great time together, but we don’t see each other often. In fact, if Mom hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have seen each other this year, I’m sure.

I envy the families that are close. The ones who call each other to go to the show, or share recipes.  You know them… they shop together and babysit for one another.  They run and pick up each others children and pick up the laundry just for the heck of it.   I envy the families that greet each other with a kiss and a hug, and really miss each other when they are apart.

 We don’t have that kind of family.  But, let someone NEED us and we are there! In droves, with more noise and energy than anyone wants around!!  There won’t be enough room for all of us, or enough money to feed all of us at the same time, or enough time to spend with one another!

But we’ll be there, because we are that kind of family and we’ve been together for a long time!

What do you think?

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