ANEW Power Serum = POWER!



You probably would have guessed my favorite product this month would be the Power Serum!  BECAUSE I’m  a “serum lover”!

It’s lightweight on my skin, I could see results after a couple weeks and I’m 60 now and it makes me feel good!

I tried it, of course, because I’m supposed to!  I’m supposed to KNOW that the products I sell are worthy of my time and my customers’ money.  I wanted to be sure I could honestly say whether or not I would need this… or recommend it to my friends that sell Avon, as another great product they can recommend.

I’m on my third container.  I use it daily, wouldn’t start a day without it.  The fragrance is light, doesn’t fight with other products… the texture is smooth, creamy and it’s a bit transparent. You don’t use too much, so I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful… and the dispenser works perfectly.

Here’s the nerdy stuff:

It’s considered a “boost” to your skin care regimen. Use it under your moisturizers… (I always recommend you stay in the ANEW line). It’s for GENERAL USE when you don’t have a targeted area to address.  Sometimes, I use it in the evening and use the Anew Clinical Infinite Lift in the morning.  It just depends on what the mirror is reflecting while I’m getting ready for the days adventures!

The secret weapon is that it can DETECT visible age damage on the skin and DELIVER the results EXACTLY where you need it!  How amazing is that?

The official product features are  to visibly improve

  • Hydration
  • Texture
  • Radiance
  • The look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmness

Let me invite you to try the Anew Power Serum.  I’m sure you will be pleased and  your customers will love that you have the experience to recommend this product with confidence.


Happy Independence!

Zika Virus flyer.July 4… lots of dogs, buns and sun!

I checked for sunscreen this morning before going out and it was EXPIRED! YIKES!

How could I have waited so long to purchase my Bug Guard! Thank goodness for the WIPES!  I had a few left that I bought for samples… in TEXAS… AVON’s Skin So Soft BUG GUARD is REQUIRED INVENTORY during the summer!

While we are enjoying the sunshine, don’t forget to check YOUR skeeter spray!  Order some today, update your product supply with the GREEN can from AVON (with SPF). You’ll be glad you did!  Otherwise… get your running shoes on, cause you’ll be running from the pests!   If you need it… (it’s on sale) grab a can here today: