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A peaceful thought from my morning read. Thanks, Linda!

Urban Poetry

In this daily haiku, “Swaying Flowers”.

Watching flowers and branches move to a warm breeze lulls me into a place. It is like an aphrodisiac of white noise and silence at the same time. Somehow it slows my heartbeat and mind. I’m drawn in the motions, the bending, and swaying . A daily haiku and digital art piece to draw you away momentarily.

Swaying Flowers

A summer breeze swirls,
swaying flowers dance to a
melodious song.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Swaying Flowers|
A little daily haiku.

What is haiku poetry?

A Japanese poem which can also be known as a Hokku. A Haiku poem is similar to a Tanka but has fewer lines. A Haiku is a type of poetry that can be written on many themes, from love to nature. A Haiku consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables.

Swaying meaning: “move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or…

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I love the new routine!

Wake when I choose, go through the usual morning stuff on the way to the kitchen and grab that glistening bottle of water I left on the cabinet last night.  I set it out at night to let it warm to room temperature. The rest of the day, I LOVE a cold bottle… but first… it needs to be room temperature.

Tear open some green nutrition and head for the great outdoor retreat (my office). Yes, the “office” has become the retreat instead of the cave I once enjoyed. Can you believe that?

I actually ENJOYED the cave.  It was a place of quiet contemplation, pouring over numbers and opportunities (they call it) for improvement. THAT desk was piled high in notes, books, reports and half-filled bottles of water.  I answered every issue and opportunity with positive encouragement and recommendations, and some guidance.

Today’s retreat is a little different.  Green all around me.  Crickets and locusts singing and an occasional helicopter taking someone for much needed care.  The sun is gentle from this point of view thanks to the shade of the beautiful trees!  They lock branches to keep the sun filtered and the air cool. The grass needs mowing, as we’ve been blessed with an abundant amount of rain this season.  God’s blessings are right in front of me. I don’t even have to look for them or imagine what He may have meant for me to see. This miracle of nature that I call my office is provided, just for me!

Sometime before I go in, I’ll answer emails, send a few messages and check my blog for private messages. I’ll finish writing this and pack up the car for tomorrow’s event.  Two more people to check on and I’m done.   The rest of the day belongs to me.

My morning simplicity makes the day go well. As a friend shared … “doing the things that makes her heart sing!”

Off to the piano… work is done for the day!   What makes your heart sing?


Oatmeal Memories

After a recent post where I mentioned the missing oatmeal, I received an email inquiring about the cookies.

Sometimes an event perceived as awful at the time can bring great, lasting humor to a family. The entire family can repeat the incident, but not without tear jerking laughter.

I think it’s amazing the choice of lifetime events we can access from our memories.  The feelings of frustrated embarrassment and the hilarious reactions of the teens present on that particular morning bring me such joy .

Parents spend a ton of thoughtful energy trying to choose the activities that shape and mold or at least provide distraction.

The outdoor activities – those involving water, sun and sky are the ones that have lasted with my family – and the kitchen adventures.

Once, after arriving home following a business trip Thanksgiving eve, with 16 or so coming to lunch, I grabbed my recipes and journeyed the seven miles to town to buy groceries.  Well, just imagine what products the store may have been running low on and you can guess the adaptation EVERY recipe would require! It was a catastrophe.  One of the ‘issues’ was the broth for dressing.  So my non-cook brain settled on soup.

Just let me end this quickly for you. Imagine dressing from a meatloaf pan, thick enough to be SLICED, and gray enough to scare anyone off!  To this day, no one even thinks of me when dressing is on the menu.

But, they all remember the day, the laughter and my personal decision to never cook dressing again!!

See, that activity shaped and molded some of the best cooks. I know them all… my children, nieces, husband, brother and in laws. They all have specialties and they all love to cook.  I have to say, the hubs probably became great at cooking out of necessity.

Aren’t I the lucky one?



What time do I need to wake?

Answer: I don’t NEED to wake!  

Change the sentence, please.  

What time do I want to wake?  

Answer: When I’m needed.

It seems that years spent multi-tasking for someone else has taught me to live my life around the NEEDS of the ______  (you can fill it in).  Moving from one topic or project to the next by spinning quickly was the way to control my surroundings. Staying in control was the point, after all.  Make yourself valuable and you’ll always work, I’ve learned.

No one NEEDS me to do anything.  The children are grown the hubs is really independent and I have no job.  In this new world, I often just sit and think about my next move, because I’m the only one who needs me today.

Before, the deadlines dictated the speed in which I made decisions.  Now, before I know it, I’ve “thought about it” for several hours and imagined many different scenarios, not reaching any destination on that map.

This morning, for instance. I headed to the laundry room to start a load and out of the corner of my eye I saw the beautiful handcrafted pantry shelf by the back door.  Now, I’ve not been one to really care about the pantry… except that the shelves were functional and available. My sweet husband painstakingly built the pantry to my perfect specs. The shelves had to be narrow to fit in a hallway, and I needed it to be sealed so I could clean it properly.  The shelves are a perfect compliment to the kitchen cabinets in the adjoining room.

I spent years cooking every meal for the family, until he retired.  He always cooked some along the way, after I planned it, did the dreaded shopping and always cleaned up afterward.   After he retired, he took over all the cooking responsibilities and that was perfect for me!

No more oatmeal raisin cookies missing the oatmeal for me!

Today, in my new life… learning to NOT WORK outside our home, I am compelled to move that can of beans further back on the shelf so it won’t fall.

BAD MISTAKE! There goes my focus.

Well, just suffice it to say, the cans are all sorted, dusted and neatly placed on those handcrafted, beautiful shelves.  The boxes are all faced to the front and the bags are secure in plastic containers.  The wood has been dusted and

Pantry Shelves, a distraction for a time

little “gifts” left in the corners (screws, nuts, light bulbs, non-working batteries) have all found another home and the beautiful pantry is well organized.  I’ve swept the floor, the cob webs from the corner and even the ceiling. I cleaned the windows in the door and as my eyes wander away from my project, out the windows to the dusty car… but first!

What’s the target for today, I remind myself. 

From the book, Intentional Living, by John Maxwell,  I learned that it’s ok to do new things badly the first time.  I’ll do them again, and next time I’ll do it better — keeping my eyes on the target, completing at least one task at hand, on time without getting sidetracked.


An hour later and once again, I’m headed toward the filled washer (now with cool, no suds-water) to start the load.  If I just hadn’t glanced away. If I just had kept my eyes forward, focused on the task at hand, the load would be done!

One step in front of the other, then check back to see what I missed! That’s the plan!




We apologize- your approximate wait time is 11 minutes.

If I’m lucky, they will offer to return the call … in 11 minutes or more… but I won’t lose my place in line!  Yeah, right… how do I know that and where is this line?  I’m a strange person that loves to stand in line!

Anytime I see a line of people, I simply get in the longest one and start talking! It’s a great place to meet people and learn how their world is different from mine.  Sometimes I find a person I can help, if they are open to it.  Sometimes they need to know what I have learned, but they just don’t know it yet. Always, I learn from them. It’s a matter of listening.

I know someone who would be terribly embarrassed while I do my “line thing”, so I try to shop alone. The samples in my bag or the business card in my hand never take away from the store owners objectives because I love to shop at successful businesses!

They have the longest lines, you know.

So, how can I stand in line for 11 minutes while I’m on the phone… waiting for the approximate moment someone will answer?   Let me check on my online friends… who is standing in line with me today?


Send a PM to Billie… “Wanna do lunch?  I have something new to share!”

Apply SSS Soft and Sensual  REPLENISHING Hand lotion! The fragrance alone makes waiting better! When I’m in an actual line of fellow humans, the soft fragrance always evokes curiosity!

LOVE a post of Zanders then follow up later today with a call.  “Got time to visit?”

TEXT a great product story to a follower in the northeast. Her son has his first date tonight!

EMAIL Polly about her leggings! What a snazzy design!  I wonder what she’s up to these days.

POST Birthday wishes to everyone…. There! Done!

Oops… 10 minutes… gotta get my thoughts back around the person waiting to give me great news! I’ve worked my way near the front of the line, I trust!  I wonder what I will learn about the personality on the other end of the line?


The process is unfamiliar.  The benefits are obvious.  I have to admit, it takes practice.

Taking time to sit and enjoy the morning sunshine (or clouds, for that matter) can be enlightening.  Take today, for example.  I like to sit barefoot.  The cool stones feel fresh and my favorite pair of Clarks get to rest a bit.  The usual grass was laying about and I realized, I had a choice.  Let it lie or sweep it up.  No one really cares.

Taking a little slower pace is probably good for everyone – except while playing Super Mario with the grands!  Walking with Trixie requires a little enthusiasm to avoid being dragged up the oil top road, but she LOVES a slow brushing session when we return.

We watch the neighbors walk by (they must sleep later, as we are already sitting at the patio table when they appear).  The young couple across the road are moving quickly to load the vehicles and get down to the oil top to start their daily work ritual. Two more trucks head to work and we are alone again. The neighborhood is quiet.

Today I plan to work further on the process of slowing down. The plan is to enjoy each day as God intended.  I think HE intended us to be happy… or why would we have apples, oranges and beautiful red flowers?

Spending some time in the flowerbed,(unearthing the worms and relocating some of them to the other side so they can slowly work the ground) reading, reflecting and sharing, making music and cooking food are all great options for today.  I’ll need some lemon water and SSS Bug Guard – the one with SPF.

Maybe today I’ll use a pen and paper to write… slowly, so the penmanship is pretty, again.  I bet I can do that barefoot at the patio table… don’t you?

BOOM! Trixie Adventures


Trixie grass
trixie scared

Trixie is still here! She’s still our baby.  When the fireworks started she came a runnin’!

Her secure spot is anywhere she can get to rub against us. Either under our feet, on the sofa next to us (#$#$%^&), or with her head safely tucked on our laps.  She moves from one person to the next until she feels safe.

This morning she was raring for a walk (since she wouldn’t go out last night). It was just before daylight and the wind was whispering: “I dare you to come out… I’ll hold the rain back until you get at least 1/2 mile from the house”.  The birds were just barely singing and the world was still quiet. No cars… just Trixie and I walking up the hill to our target turn around, and the wind.  She’s a great walker. Slowly and surely she walks ahead, checking out all the new roadside adventures.  Today, a turtle waited for us- yesterday it was a Texas speed bump.  They sniffed at each other and the walk continued.  She took a sniff at the fresh grass and the overflowing pond across the way.  I enjoy the peace that comes in the morning walk – the stretch my legs needed so badly after a nights rest.   And the rain came… 1/2 mile before we reached home again.

THEN… BOOM!  Thunder struck and here comes Trixie… to the safe place, under my finger tips… all the way home in the rain.