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Avon Parties – what a difference!

It all begins with the Invitation!  Someone INVITED you to Avon…  maybe to a PARTY…

Here are some suggestions to make your party fun, creative and profitable.

My favorite:

Select a theme… build on the theme, invite the friends to bring food based on the theme, make it about the theme… and btw, it’s an Avon party, too.

Tell everyone about your “spring color” party… prepare snacks that are spring colorful, use spring colored napkins and wear spring colored attire… maybe a bonnet!  Decorate with Easter grass of many colors in clear containers…  invite your guests to bring their favorite “spring snack” and prepare at least ONE Spring-related game.

When you hand them that beautiful invitation… mention… and BTW, it’s an Avon party, too! Won’t that be fun? We can check out all the new spring colors in fashion and makeup!

Door Prize entry….    Provide a  Registration Card, on the back provide an  area for a Wish List.    Fill it out throughout the evening, not just at the beginning.  Take them up at the end of the evening and award door prize(s).  You’ll have contact info for follow up and will know the products your guests are interested in, or have questions.

Wish List…. Save the brochure for the end of the evening, during the shopping portion.  Collect the Wish list with the order form to use in another drawing.  Use that for future offers, incentives, up-sell.

Think-about-it-packet…  use these to secure more parties.

The Think-about-it packet is a party pack with order forms, brochures, instructions, etc.

Instead of accepting their “no”… ask them to consider taking a “think-about-it-packet”.

There are three rules, to accepting them.

1)  You have to agree to take at least 2 minutes to look at it and think about it.

2) Since you agree to do that, you have to take my call and  agree to talk to me for 5 minutes this week… when would be a good time?   (give her a business card with the time circled)

3) You have to promise to let me down easy if you decide your answer is no.

When you call back, if she says no, you can use your phone skills to show her the benefits of a brochure party… taking orders for you, like a helper.

SHOW UP ON TIME… 1 hour early!   There is no better respect to give your hostess than to show up on time, looking professional, and prepared!

That means in your DRESS CLOTHES… with makeup, Avon attire… looking snazzy!  You’ve PRACTICED your presentation … and you KNOW your stuff without having to read!  KNOW what page the products are on… my trick, code a label on the bottom of the product!


to her, to her guests… what do they WANT?  What do they NEED?   Not enough money to buy whats on the Wish List?  – Opportunity time!


Don’t promise a delivery date that “rushes” you… what if you get sick? What if UPS is late?     If you are to call back … DO IT!


This  question turns everything around… What Can I Do To Support You?

Call all past guests… within 2 weeks of delivery… (on your calendar, please)

Are they happy with their products? Do they need refill?

Would they like to earn their FREE refill by booking a home or brochure party for you?


A Return

Regardless of your definition of success, one thing is true: It’s up to you!

I happen to believe in goal setting and goal achieving.  I also happen to believe in baby steps that grow with maturity.

It’s time to build a team.  I’m not so interested in personal shoppers (although, if that’s all you want, I can provide you with that opportunity) but my interest is in real entreprenuers who choose to work with the iconic Avon brand.

Now, Avon has gone through a ton of changes… each for a specific reason and to address a specific issue… all with the purpose of increasing Representative earnings (and therefore, their own).  So, although some of the changes are not perfect or even likeable… I have seen their value and figure I can work around it.  Can you?

Name one company that has done more for women?  One company that has rewarded more women for their efforts?  Name one company who has kept the same business model for over 100 years in Direct Marketing?  Just one!

So, if Avon is not for you… great! Don’t sign up, because I care about the ones who want to be successful and either earn or save money for themselves and their family.

Key to Success

For more information about the upcoming East Texas July 1 Registration Day… call ME! Let’s see if you can use Avon for yourself and your family.  Contact me before you sign up… you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’m returning to the “one that brung me”… so grandma would say.  My team, customers who depended on me for consistency, knowledge and recommendations, and the business partners who influenced my path.  It’s time to reactivate the team Sunshines! Ready?   Join my FB group and let’s just see if you fit!