It’s About Living Better!

Today, I shared my love of non-toxic products for my home.  The person I was sharing with was amazed that I had found such cool products.  I left my childhood home at the ripe old age of 18.  The last 40+ years have aforded me lots of opportunity to learn about creating a comfy life.  We had so much fun talking about non toxic living and about my journey.

The products are not too “mediciny”, as we noticed during our tyraid of home cleaning today! She was amazed at the house smelling fresh and clean, but not like chemicals. We continued through the rooms, yard and cars. Getting caught up and ready for the holidays.

I get in these moods.  I’m not obsessive about the house. We live comfy with two large dogs.  Eventually, too much comfy causes us to run out to meet people in the driveway instead of warmly welcoming them to our humble abode.  You should see us…

We live in a ranch style home with windows facing the county road. We can see anyone who drives by or stops in the drive.  Unexpected company sends us into a mild tizzy.  Because we choose to live better!

Relaxed, sleeping late on most days, with bonafide routines that keep us calm and happy with our choices.   We’ve learned to let go of a ton of “have to’s” and “supposed to’s”.

We choose to wear flannel… it’s soft and cozy. We choose to wake to music and lavender scented spaces.   These days our lives… are about living better.  So, how can I help you live better?

Think about your day, your goals. What are the first things on your “change” agenda? This can be fun!   I just love to begin at the beginning… with the morning.

Answer my simple questionaire, we can delve a little deeper, if you like.  What needs to be “better” in your life?   After the initial live conversation, you may choose to receive an email list of recommended products and activities to incorporate in your personal routine.

Bored?  Create a plan to live better!  Tell me about it!

Drop me a line at  No obligation, no spam! Just sharing with someone who chooses to live better.




What do you think?

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