More Than Just Makeup

Many direct sellers enjoy the best of all companies by sharing their “take” on different products of different companies.  After spending a bit of time in the cosmetic industry, both as a rep and an employee, I’ve learned a few things.

More than Just Makeup is just that. I want you to know that New Avon is not just about makeup. It’s a company with several brands, all of which have some great products – and some that don’t work for everyone.  But that’s ok, right? We are all different (thank goodness) and have different likes / dislikes and concerns / opinions.  So, you’ll find a few posts now and then about products I love and use in my day to day life  in the Lillmi’s blog.

I might even share some specials and some events with you.  The BEST thing New Avon does is support the fight for positive breast health and an end to domestic abuse.  This company has multiple purposes and provides it’s representatives with products designed to support those endeavors.  They change out, so it’s good to keep up with the offerings.

The next BEST thing New Avon, LLC does is build women up. There are men in the ranks as well, but the whole idea is to empower direct sellers to run their home based businesses, like real businesses.  It’s more than taking orders… always has been for a lot of women.

In my time with Avon Products, and then with New Avon, LLC, I met some of the most wonderful and inspirational people.  I saw everyday women, from college grads and career women to those who didn’t finish high school have a chance.  It isn’t easy… but it’s a chance that they might be one of the one’s who can pay for their medicine with their direct sales earnings.  They can buy fancy birthday cakes with their earnings and keep the kids in more than one pair of shoes, with their earnings.  Some are paying college tuition’s without taking money from the household.  Some are supporting dance lessons and soccer teams by selling fundraising items.  Some supplement their supplements, to make life a little more comfortable.   All of them collect sales tax and the company pays it in for them. All of them purchase their business supplies and demo products. They pay for booth space and give away tons of free stuff in order to grow their customer base and, if they are interested, recruit a team in order to build another stream of income.

The name Avon is well respected in direct selling circles as the beginning. The first.  The company that could teach everyone else how to do it better. That means, they’ve made every mistake and had to fix it.  They’ve paid dearly for not knowing some things, and they’ve really made an impact in the cosmetic industry with anti aging (again, being first!) and fragrances, color, and body products.

They are leading the example of fixing what’s broke and staying the course to make the correction after the previous leadership waited too long to start turning the big ship by updating features and processes.  I think they are trying hard… I hope they make it.  If for no other reason than to honor the women that worked their butts off trying to help them get there. When I hear other direct sellers speak harshly of the old girl, I jump to her defense. Their company might not even be here, had the old girl not led that way. They should be grateful to Mrs. Albee.

I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  And, yes, I also represent another company. Like health insurance, one company is not enough. And 40%, sometimes 50% of sales of a very affordable product is not going to make you rich.  For that, you’ll need to  be willing to build a team and work everyday like a boss for a long time. It’s like trying to be a CEO in a year? Not happening. Be realistic and plan to pay your dues, build your skill and prove your tenacity. It can be done.

I choose to be retired and sell the products I love. And blog. If you need an honest opinion of the product you are considering, tag me and lets chat.  I’m over 60 and I hear that once you are over 60, you get to say anything you want. I’m still laughing about that.

So, to check into my favorite products and those specials I think are necessary to talk about, just find me at More Than Just Makeup on Facebook. From there, you may even decide to join the VIP page so you can participate in the fun and maybe, just maybe, fall in love with a great product!

I can be found there most days.

I believe makeup makes us feel powerful. I’m grateful for the rich history of Avon and their willingness to do what it takes to continue creating “firsts”, empowering direct sellers and agreeing with me that feeling powerful is a good way to go about living better!


What do you think?

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