My Airess Adventures

There are links to my favorite products in this post. I may earn a bit. Thanks!

A few months ago, my mindset was a little different.

As many may have experienced, I was in the mood for something new!  January is a good time for that and it made sense since nothing else was very clear to me on that day.

A friend introduced me to airbrush application of mineral makeup.  What a new idea, I thought.  Little did I know that the company recently celebrated 20 years of success in the retail world.  Now, with social selling making such an impact, it’s perfect timing for a breakout- a new adventure for them.

I’m completely in love with the product. The water base, using no hands on my face, the color that is highly pigmented, using ten times less makeup… all features I gravitated to… all for me!  While I haven’t tried to sell it too much, I have found a few friends interested in trying it out for themselves. And those who have seen a difference have asked.  I enjoy my discounts and the ladies in the business are totally awesome, the corporate office is small and personable.  Just right!

This week, some new products were announced for the upcoming season and I finally took time to peek at the earning opportunity with both eyes wide open.  This is going to deserve a second look.   Most of the Airesses are dynamic young women who have so much to gain and see the future ahead as bright and rewarding.  They choose to work tons of hours around the needs of their young families and enjoy the real meaning of being their own boss.

For me, it’s a bit different.  I’ve had my career and am in a comfortable place to have lots of freedom to work tons of hours to achieve my own definition of success with their products.  They say network marketers are the only business owners who are willing to work 80 hours for themselves in order to NOT work 40 for someone else.  I think I can identify with that.

There’s no pressure here… just love for the products and the application process.  Today my favorite is Bamboo Facial Exfoliant.  Yep, bamboo!  Paraben-, sulfate-, fragrance- and gluten-free (the magic words right now).  Bamboo stem extract, Willow Bark extract and peptides high in amino acids.   My sensitive skin is smooth and rejuvinated after only a week of changing my cleanser.

The lipstains are unbelievable, especially at this price point. Soon, we’ll see the mascara and lipstain duo’s… magnetically attached for convenience.  My color choice is TAME… perfect for me!

The star of the show, and my first love, is the Luminess Legend.  The compressor fits in my hand and the stylus with250x250-RosdeGoldLegend170508094455171127045621 which I apply the makeup is right on point. It’s sleek and modern, easy to use and cleans easily.  I can’t say it any other way. It lasts all day, looks flawless and is great on my skin.

Now, before you say to yourself, “Oh, it was on TV”…  yes, it is. It’s the most viewed makeup show on TV. The offer is different, the compressor is different, the opportunity is different. When you have your own Airess, you have an insider available to you and a thirty day color match guarantee. Even the customer service is different.   Call an Airess! Over 5,000 new customers each week are finding the airbrush application to be their future.

While I am not new to direct selling or selling cosmetics, I am learning about this particular product. A little each day.  New lessons that will benefit others with an interest in something different.  There’s more, here.  Feel free to join my VIP group beginning in May and see upcoming videos and Live opportunities.  Be an original VIP in the Airess Adventures and I’ll send you a list of the best sellers to help you narrow the focus.  You’ll get to watch the group grow and see the original posts first!

Be my guest… if you aren’t clear on your future makeup or earnings … or looking for some excitement, take a peek.



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