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When will I get my hours right?

You know… like the right hour to get up in the morning.

The right hour to stop for lunch and of course, the right hour to go home from work so you can see the front of the house in the daylight.

Then, there’s the right hour to quit working in front of the TV and enjoy the family.

Last, but not nearly the least is the hour that one must shut it all down and head down the hall to the bedroom. You know… that place where all the hours of the day come back for a visit before the hour arrives to get up and start again!

I just love that I have 24 hours to play with… each and every day.

Baby Sister

OMG! My baby sister is turning 50 tomorrow. What IS this world coming to? I guess I’ll have to take her seriously now. I wonder if she’ll ever take herself seriously? Hmmm,  that’s a thought. 

Should I be concerned that she’s 50 now? Or happy she made it up here at last?  Naw… she’s too busy having a good time with her children.  She has two who are grown men (sorta) and a beautifully talented daughter that keeps her very busy.

Someone once told me that all adults over 50 are the same age. It took me a while to understand, but I agree.

Sometimes I forget she’s grown. Seems like she should still be riding the purple bike and playing with dolls.  Seems like she should be sitting under the dining table … hiding from the green peas on her plate, or trying out my makeup in the bathroom before school.  I should be tying her shoe or buttoning her plaid dress.

Other times… she’s the middle child. The loving, sweet, peaceful one in the bunch. She can make everyone quiet down and pay attention… and no one talks back, cause she’s the “nice” one. 

Today, she’s 49. She works with small children and I am sure they help keep her younger than her years.  But, you just wait until tomorrow.

She will finally become as old as me! Happy Birthday, little sister!


I hear the  whippoorwill  “whipping” outside the door. It’s dark now and the earth is quieting.  The day was full of hustle and bustle, with students coming and going… sharing their lives with me.  Some come to school with an attitude that is frightening, but most come expecting something grand to happen to them.  They know they have but a short while to be here and the future will be what they determine.

I love working with teens. They are inspiring, creative and full of love.  They reach out with all that is in them to grab a piece of the future that will be their lives.  I’m fortunate to work with a few students at a time.  Mine are the students who have done well, planned for their college life and are pretty much ready to be gone from us.  They are smart, willing to do what is needed and quick. Good grief, it’s hard to keep up!

It seems that I hear so much about those children who need accommodations so they will not fail. There are those with learning disabilities that need that service and a chance to succeed.  BUT, I worry that students who have what it takes to make it, are hindered by their parents lack of guts.

I can’t tell you how many parents are afraid to let their children suffer consequences for their actions.  What I can tell you, is that the students who are prepared for college… or their future endeavor… have paid consequences for their actions.  At some point, they have all failed a test because they were too distracted to study… or they served a detention because they were unprepared for class. Mom didn’t get them out of it, because it was expected that they would do the right thing.

I love working with the students. They inspire me to be better for them. I am confident that the future will be in the hands of these students who are willing to work for the good grade, and the privileges of success.  As the end of the day arrives, I love to sit and listen to the whippoorwill waiting patiently for the morning, when its time for the bell to ring and the bustle to begin. 

Young Smart Women

I am always amazed at how smart young women can be. They are full of life, traveling the world, absorbing energy and information from every corner.

Todays young woman has so much to offer and so much available to them.  Their unabashed and unashamed love of living is attractive to those of us who didn’t take advantage of that time of life.  The time when you are grown, free to love and learn more and more. 

Todays young woman is smart… she knows how to make money, how to save and invest, how to spend wisely and how to demand the best. My favorite young women are confident in their own lives, with their own abilities, and with learning new things from new people.

I write this because I have some new friends that I’ve known for several years. They are graduating this month and will venture out to the world in different directions… excited to see what awaits them.  They laugh a lot, cry some (they are teen girls, you know), and they love to be comfortable in their workout clothes and no make up.   They are all about being women… productive women.  And they are smart!

Congratulations to my Smart Female friends.  Life has much in store for you.  And I can’t wait to see how you handle it with grace, love and LOTS of laughs.

I love you, girls. Have a great life!


Today I asked my friend how she was doing.  She said, “I’m Blessed”.  I’m accustomed to hearing the usual… “fine, thanks”… “great, how are you”, and plain ‘ole “ok”. I can almost tell you who will respond in which manner because they are my friends and co-workers and we begin everyday in this manner.  With coffee in hand, we make our way to our offices and chit chat about the evening before or share the latest gossip… always beginning with “morning… how are you”.  And, responding… “great, how are you”.  The sentences never just end with talk about oneself, but express genuine  interest in the other person.  

Lately, more and more people have decided they need to tell me that they are “blessed”.   And not “I’m blessed, how are you?”… or “blessed… are you ok today”?   Just “blessed”.  Rather self centered, don’t you think? 

Do they do that to make me know that they have more money, a bigger house, or fancier car than me? Or do they say that to demonstrate that  they are closer to God than me… or, maybe, it’s  to make me feel like I’m behind in the newest lingo?

I always thought being blessed was when God looked down with favor. I guess I didn’t learn to tell everyone about it.  I was taught that it was rude to brag about our possessions or good fortune.  Maybe, if they answered that they were Blessed, but then expressed a little bit of interest in me…  I’d be blessed by their attention!

Happy Sunday Afternoon!

Happy Sunday! 

Sunday’s are hard for me.  The traditional side of me feels ever-so-guilty for not getting up early, donning a pair of hose and heels with any dress, “dolling up”, and making my way to church.  

This empty-nester-mom, school employee and member of several organizations… is HAPPY it’s Sunday, so we can stay home in our pajamas!

Now, don’t think that I’m not excited to be with friends at church and enjoy the designated time of worship and praise… I just want to spend some good quiet time at home, where I can worship and praise… and sleep!

Who says I have to do that at Church?  Mom and Dad did… and I taught my children to go. I encourage my grandchildren to go… and my friends know that I feel it’s VERY important to be there… on time!

My week is filled with work (a lot of overtime), a retired husband, grandchildren, children, and lots of friends. I spend hours at meetings … working on projects that help those in need and raising funds for college scholarships.  Seldom do I spend time making jewelry, scrapbooks, or painting anymore.  Long baths with candles are few and far between, pedicures are only twice a year! Goodness… time seems to be scarce. 

Spending time, at home with my love, enjoying God’s gifts of nature and the quiet is how I refresh and renew for the coming week.  It is my worship.

So, Mom and Dad…  I’ll keep feeling guilty on Sunday mornings. I think I’ll continue my private worship and be thankful that I have the freedom to do just that.

Hello world!

Hmmm… it’s raining out and it’s a delightful color of green.  The flowers are drooping with the weight of the rain – cat napping, if you will. Waiting for the sun to beckon their attention.  

The cat is enjoying the rainwater from the bowl of flowers on the coffee table. I’m not sure why she prefers this water over the water in her own little bowl, but she does.  She’s been with me almost as long as my children.  She has her own place at the foot of the bed and on the end of the couch. 

Today, she is sleeping most of the time… at the other end of the couch. And, I’m joining her in sleep… on my end of the same couch.  The rain is tapping on the skylights and we’re just cat-napping the day away.

Come to think of it… we match this day!