Today I found a cool app.

Yes, I’ve learned to use the word “app”!

My favorite music can now be located on my phone, played randomly, enjoyed at my desk, while working out and when I’m walking around.  I feel YOUNG!

My 30-something year old son introduces me to new ideas from time to time. It’s a great way to have something to discuss.  He knows what music I’ve loved for most of my life (rock) and which artists I preferred (Jimi) and finds ways to share that love with me. I think we both agreed for most years that Jimi was the best guitar player – ever.

It is not such an important fact at this point of my life – the conversation is.

I love visiting with my son.  I don’t want to interfere with his life or offend him in any way… so I try to stay away from subjects that are not my business.  He’s VERY private, so I try not to pry, but I LOVE visiting with him.  He’s smart and well read. He is very opinionated, although he is respectful of others thoughts.

There are still a few areas that prove he’s a young man… but I will not be the one pointing them out.  I love discussing music, electronics, my smart phone, his animals, his love of the outdoors and his plans for the future.  It’s important to talk… in our case, to text and keep in touch.

So, I’ll keep trying to learn new things… like how to go to the ‘market’ and find my own cool apps.  I need to keep up with him– just like I did when I let him carry my transistor radio, while we walked to the park! I loved talking with him then… and I still love our short and sweet (albeit digital) conversations now.

What do you think?

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